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Winter Camping Article

Sites Capable Of Winter Camping

(Sites With Winter Water)

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Winter Camping Required Equipment

Depending on the Site Number you are on for Winter Camping, you may need either a 25 Foot Water Hose to reach the Ground Crock, or a 50 Foot Water Hose to reach the Ground Crock.

What Is A 'Ground Crock'?

A Ground Crock is an underground storage bin where your Water Hook-Up connection is housed; so as to prevent it from freezing from the low temperatures in the Winter.

The Ground Crock makes the water Faucet less exposed to the cold air, and therefore, less likely to freeze & stop water flowage to your RV.

Not every Site Number has its own personal Ground Crock all to itself.

Certain Site Numbers are required to share with other Site Numbers, but this does not make any difference. It is just something to be aware of when you're arriving for Winter Camping & wondering where your Water Hook-Up is, & why it appears other people are 'stealing' your water. They are not. It is designed that way in this communal living atmosphere.

white oak ground crock
white oak open ground crock

In order to hook-up your Water Hose to the Faucet, you will likely need to get down on the ground on your hands & knees to reach into the Ground Crock & twist your hose onto the faucet.

Be careful not to cut yourself on any sharp metals on the Faucet connection ports, whilst it is probably also freezing outside.

Make sure you close the lid when you are done to prevent cold air from getting into the container.

Winter Camping Reserve America 'How To' Article

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