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Winter Camping

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Winter Camping Article

  1. Guests are 100% responsible for purchasing & using their own Heated Drinking Water Hose from our Ground Crock to their RV’s connection port. On our website we have posted the recommended Heated drinking Water Hose to purchase.

    • It’s also the Guest’s responsibility to see that their Heated Drinking Water Hose continues to work all Winter long.

  2. RV Skirting is highly recommended. White Oak is located on top of a small mountain, with sheer cold rolling windings in the Winter. Camping here in the Winter truly is life on Hard Mode, so come experienced, and come prepared. Do not come expecting white glove service. You will be on your own surviving. We will not be held responsible for your lack of expertise. We recommend first educating yourself by watching or reading numerous videos/articles on the internet on How To Winter RV Camp before attempting to do so.

    • RV Skirting around any RV must actually fit the RV.

      • Loose or sloppy RV Skirting will result in an eviction notice.

    • RV Skirting may not be foam board.

      • Foam boards, however, may be placed behind an approved RV Skirting.

  3. The Guest accepts that maintenance only plows the fallen snow in & around the select campsites which are actually open during the Off-Season.

    • Driving or traversing in any manner to remote areas of the Park which are not plowed in the Winter due to being closed in the Off-Season is an assumed risk by the Guest, and, Park Management is not responsible for any injuries or liabilities in those areas which we do not plow because that part of the Park is closed in the Winter.

Sites Capable Of Winter Camping (With Winter Water)

Winter Camping Required Equipment

Depending on the Site Number you are on for Winter Camping, you may need either a 25 Foot Water Hose to reach the Ground Crock, or a 50 Foot Water Hose to reach the Ground Crock.

Winter Camping Reserve America 'How To' Article

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