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Quarryville, Pennsylvania

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White Oak Campground is known & loved for its peaceful camping atmosphere & enchanting old-world aura. Set amidst acres of trees & grassy meadows.

Established back in 1969 after being hand-built by a hardened woman named Bessie; White Oak Campground sits atop the crest of a small mountain in Quarryville, Pennsylvania. Many of our sites extend down this mountain, creating an extremely unique landscape to camp on!

Come & visit us! You'll enjoy your slowed-down escape from the chaos of the world. We're a rural community with a family-friendly & senior mindset.

We also encourage you to take the time to explore the many local Amish farms, many of which, love to see visitors, so that they can sell their beloved homemade goods & crafts.

We have a secluded location in the heart of beautiful Southern Lancaster County. Our Park still offers convenient access to all of the renowned Pennsylvania Dutch Country attractions.

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Our Amenities

white oak campground pa nature trail

1.5 Mile Nature Trail

Immerse yourself in a winding scenic trail, right outside your doorstep. Also fully Golf Cart Accessible!

white oak campground pa pool infinity shaped

Infinity-Shaped Pool

Well maintained. Lounge chairs & umbrellas included.

white oak playground camping kids fun family


Our Playground is centrally located, & right by our Pool. Making it perfect for easy back-and-forth fun!

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Listen to the sounds of calming wind chimes as you read a book.

camping supplies store amish lancaster pa

Fully-Stocked Store

We sell firewood, ice, & a ton of camping supplies!

white oak campground recreation hall pa tent sites

Recreation Hall

Recreation Hall can be rented for group use.

camping recreation field fun games play

Massive Grassy Field

Endless possibilites for outdoor recreation!

white oak campground quarryville pa


Easily dispose of your garbage throughout your stay.

campground dump station lancaster pa

RV Dump Station

Easily Pump-Out at the conclusion of your stay for those booking just Electric & Water sites. Open also for public use at a small cost.

clean showers camping pa

Bathhouse with Tiled Showers

Enjoy convenient access to clean showers.

laundry room campground pennsylvania

Laundry Room

Our machines accept quarters only.

mesh wifi campground camping pa

Wi-Fi Network

Enjoy fast Wi-Fi with our Mesh Tower System installed throughout the park!

Do you run Activities & Events at your Campground?

In short - no.

We typically do not have scheduled & run 'Campground-Sponsered' Activities, Events, or Games on a regular basis. On, or around, our Park's grounds.

There are, however, more permanent forms of entertainment around the Park available to Guests on a more consistent basis; such as our Rec Hall, Pool, and much more.

So please; do not book at our Park expecting a regiment, scheduled, & all-encompassing 'Resort' entertainment package. There are other Parks out there which may offer this type of camp, (and we're sure with it comes their increased Rates!) We encourage you to seek them out & instead go there if that's what you're looking for.

We believe it's best to set this expectation upfront, so that nobody who freely chooses to book with us at our Campground, can then complain further down the road about this topic.

For us, we are largely a laid-back & 'no-frills' Campground. Centered around what we call the 'vanilla family camping experience'.

A focus on the freedom to explore & walk the lovely Park Grounds, relax by your campfire, listen to the birds chirping, star-gaze on a nice warm clear-sky night, play a nice game of cornhole, & finishing it all off by roasting some marshmallows & eating smores.

If you want to come to our Park, & you're looking for more thrills & excitement, (and there certainly is plenty of that around Pennsylvania Dutch Country), we do offer our Guests a large listing of places for them to browse in our Local Area Tab on our Website so that those Guests who are interested in that sort of thing may be helped!

With all that said, on another note regarding this topic; we do on occasion have what we call our 'off-the-cuff' Special Events.

These Events are not scheduled & nor are they publicly posted (pre-meditated).

They will be, for lack of better terms, 100% spontaneous & 'passion-driven' on the moment. Because time & workload allowed them to occur.

They will indeed be your typical 'Campground-Spondered' Events, & they will indeed occur on the Park's Grounds, & we will ineed notify the current Guest List staying at the Park about the Event, at the specific time at which it would be occurring.

We will choose to use our Park's Text Messaging Feature to notify the current Checked-In Guest List at the Park to see if they wish to attend.

These Special & Spontaneous Events will primarily occur around our Holiday Weekends such as Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, & Columbus Day.

As well as, around our 'ancillary pseudo-Holiday Weekends' like Easter, Mother's Day, Flag Day, Father's Day, 'Fall Harvest Day'; & Veteran's Day.

Sometimes though, they will not occur! Do expect nothing from us in this realm please, due to potential unforeseen circumstances at the current time. We thank you for your understanding!

In conclusion, in order to potentially receive these important Text Messaging Updates regarding your Reservation (which would include the notification of these Special Events when they would be happening where & when around the Park grounds!), you would first need to make sure you 'opt-in' to receive Text Messaging Updates about your Reservation on your Reservation Detail Page.

Click here to learn how to do that.