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Monthly/SZNL Off-Boarding Protocol

To properly fulfill your Monthly/SZNL Off-Boarding from our Park, we ask that you please read the following 3 pieces of information below:

#1A: If you are leaving in the middle of an already pre-paid billing cycle, (I.E. you already made your Monthly Payment & now are leaving ~13 days into that Month for which you already paid) we will Refund you back a Prorated discount based off how long you actually stayed for. In this scenario, you may just leave when you choose to & we will do the rest of your Off-Boarding processing on our side once we've seen you're gone. Ideally though, please just let us know an exact Departure Date ASAP!

#1B: If you are leaving in the time period between the end of an already pre-issued Monthly Charge, which is due after 1 week it's been issued, but you know you're not staying for that full Month & thus don't need to make the whole payment, please notify us of an exact departure Date ASAP so that we can properly calculate your correct Prorated Monthly Charge for the time you will be staying for. In this scenario, please be more in communication with us for the time you're staying, as it's more likely in this scenario that billing errors arise in terms of Metered Electric Readings & Prorating discounts if not properly communicated.

In general, for both situations #1A & #1B, we prefer to know your exact Departure Date, ASAP, as it's just easiest for us to handle your Off-Boarding correctly!

As mentioned, giving us estimates does open you up to more potential billing errors in terms of Metered Electric Readings & Prorating discounts.

We always want to provide you with the lowest possible nightly billing for the time you stayed with us, using Prorating protocols. As well as, properly charging you the Site Metered Electric you used while you occupied the campsite, in case of someone checks in on your campsite the exact day you depart from it, we can make notes to know to read your meter that day so their Electric usage is not mistakingly billed to you!

#2: We will read your Electric Meter & bill you for your Site Metered Electric usage. However, to insure the best accuracy, we optionally ask you to upload a picture(if you can) of your Site's Electric Meter using our Online Guest Portal. A Step-By-Step Guide can be followed on how to do this by clicking here. This is best done using a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet. If you do not have access to either of those, it's probably too much work for you to do, so you can skip this if you choose. Like we said; we will be reading your Electric Meter regardless. This optional picture-uploading step is a nice piece of insurance for you.

#3: Fully Off-Boarding takes about ~2 business days to process for Park Administration, as Front Desk Staff is not trained on how to do the math+Electric Meter Reading inputs. Due to this, please give ample notification of your exact Departure Date! Otherwise, showing up in the Camp Store on the exact day of your departure & you are in scenario #1B as mentioned above, your Off-Boarding will get messy/be exposed to potential errors in Metered Electric Readings or Prorating discounts!

Thank you for reading, and please know we are available 24/7 for contact via Over-The-Phone(voicemail), Text Messaging, & Email.