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About Group Reservation At White Oak

  1. We love & welcome Groups of any size at White Oak! Meaning as small as 2 sites, or as large as 50 sites, we’re excited to welcome you, your friends, & your family to our campground.

  2. We offer Group Discounts to all Reservations apart of a Group Reservation! The size of this Discount depends on the size of your Group. More information about our Group Discounts can be read in our Discounting Article.

  3. How do I book my Group Reservations at White Oak?

    • Depending on the size of your Group Reservation, your recommended booking path is different. We recognize 3 different sizes in Groups at White Oak:

      • #1: Small Groups (2-4 Sites)

      • #2: Medium Groups (5-9 Sites)

      • #3: Large Groups (10+ Sites)

    • For Small Groups:

      • The Staff Member setting of Group Holds for Small Groups is often times trivial. We find that many small groups of friends & family members have high-levels of communication & don’t need our additional help. It’s typically just easiest to have everyone go online & book themselves individually using our Online Reservation Portal. The Small Group Discount of -6% is classified as a ‘self-redeemable’ Discount, so there’s no need for a Staff Member to set anything up. Each Group Member will be able to select the ‘Small Group Discount’ on their own Reservation manually via the selectable drop-down ‘Discounts’ menu on the Online Reservation Portal checkout screen.

    • For Medium & Large Groups:

      • Because these Reservations tend to have more moving parts & need additional assistance, we like to have one of our Staff Members manually place ‘Group Holds’ for these Reservations. Then, individual Group Members will go in & claim+pay for their own sites either Online or Over-The-Phone.

      • To start, we ask that you please select 1 person from inside your Group who is an attending camper themselves to become what we call the Group’s ‘Wagon Master’.

      • Have your Group’s Wagon Master fill-out & submit on behalf of your entire Group our Wagon Master Group Holds Creation Form on our website at www.whiteoakcampground.com/groups. They’ll be asked to give various pieces of information regarding the Group’s stay. A Staff Member will then process the form & place Group Holds for your Group Members to claim+pay.

      • Once we have your Group Holds in place, we will give the Group Code to the Wagon Master, who will then be responsible for distributing the Group Code amongst all the other Group Members.

      • What’s a Group Code?:

        • The Group Code is very important because it acts like a ‘password’; protecting the all held sites from getting book by other non-Group Members. Only people who know the Group Code can access the sites being held by the Group Hold.

          • Enter your distributed Group Code into the ‘Group Code’ box on the Online Reservation Portal when you’re making your initial search for availability.

            • Important Note: Group Holds are placed for what we call ‘the largest swath’ of dates your Group could potentially be coming in on. So, YOU must give your own personal Reservation’s expected Arrival & Departure Dates when booking your Group Reservation via the Online Reservation Portal. Your own personal Arrival & Departure Dates could differ from another Group Member’s.

          • A Staff Member must first manually set your Group Holds & give your Wagon Master the Group Code in order for the Group Code to become active. The Wagon Master is then responsible for further distributing the Group Code to all the Regular Group Members to use.

            • The Wagon Master should instruct all Group Members to go Online or call in Over-The-Phone to book their held campsites.

How To Use A Group Code Online

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Step 2.

Step 3.

Wagon Master Group Holds Creation Form