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Policies & Rules📝

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Banned Equipment

Campground Terms & Definitions

Park Open & Closed

In-Season, Off-Season, & Holiday Rates

RV & Vehicle Policies

Campsite Base Occupancy

Day Visitors

Overnight Visitors


Grounds Policy

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New Reservations


How Refunds For Early Departures/Reducing Your Length Of Stay Are Given

How Extensions/Increasing Your Length Of Stay Are Handled AFTER You Check-In Vs. How They’re Handled BEFORE You Check-In

The Savings Advantages Of Booking Exactly 7-Nights, 14-Nights, or 21-Nights

Site Number 'Guarantee' Disclaimer

We are not bound to render our services to anyone whom we, only in which it may occur in unforeseen & unfortunate circumstances, cannot appropriately render them to.”

Nightly Minimums & Maximums

Payment Policy

Late Payment Fees


Also included ontop of your Reservation Rate Deposit due at the time of booking is 100% of any/all Security Deposits: the ESCS Early Departure/Full Final Month Safeguard Security Deposit(Mandatory) & the Final Site Metered Electric Charge Security Deposit(Mandatory), as well as, potentially the Site Deck Removal Security Deposit(Mandatory w/ All Site Decks Only), if opted for.



Transferring Reservations

Check-In/Check-Out Times

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Electric Meter Readings

Winter Camping

Miscellaneous Guest Information

Golf Carts