Discount Your Reservation

Discount Your Reservation

  1. Our Park offers 6 different Discounts/Coupons in total.

  2. Discounts can only be applied to Reservation Rate charges.

    • Only 1 Discount may be applied to a Rate Charge at a single time.

  3. Discounts may not be applied to Monthly/SZNL Reservations.

    • If you end up extending your Daily or Weekly Reservation with an applied Discount into a Monthly/SZNL Reservation, your Discount will be removed from your Reservation & you will be required to pay the new total.

  4. A total of 4 out of the 6 Discounts are ‘self-redeemable’ via the selectable drop-down ‘Discounts’ menu on our Online Reservation Portal on the checkout screen. You will also need to enter your Discount’s ‘Discount Code’, which can be found here in this Article just below.

    • If you self-redeem a Discount, we will ask for proof-of-claim at Check-In.

  5. The 4 'self-redeemable’ Discounts are:

    • -5%: Senior Discount (Aged 65+ Only)

      • Enter Code: SENIOR at checkout.

    • -5%: U.S. Military Discount (Active & Past Duty U.S Military Only)

      • Enter Code: MILITARY at checkout.

    • -5%: Police Officer Discount (Active & Past Duty Police Officers Only)

      • Enter Code: POLICE at checkout.

    • -6%: Small Group Discount (2-4 Sites in your Group Only)

      • Enter Code: SMALLGROUP at checkout.

  6. A total of 2 out of the 6 Discounts are ‘Staff-Enabled Only Group Discounts’. These 2 Discounts are auto-redeemed via the Online Reservation Portal, but they only automatically get redeemed at checkout if you book using a distributed Group Code from your Wagon Master.

    • Enter your distributed Group Code into the ‘Group Code’ box on the Online Reservation Portal when you’re making your initial search for availability.

      • Important Note: Group Holds are placed for what we call ‘the largest swath’ of dates your Group could potentially be coming in on. So, YOU must give your own personal Reservation’s expected Arrival & Departure Dates when booking your Group Reservation via the Online Reservation Portal. Your own personal Arrival & Departure Dates could differ from another Group Member’s.

    • A Staff Member must first manually set your Group Holds & give your Wagon Master the Group Code in order for the Group Code to become active. The Wagon Master is then responsible for further distributing the Group Code to all the Regular Group Members to use.

  7. The 2 ‘Staff-Enabled Only Group Discounts’ are:

    • -7%: Medium Group Discount (5-9 Sites in your Group Only)

    • -8%: Large Group Discount (10+ Sites in your Group Only)

How To Apply Your Discount To Your Reservation