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Campground Updates

June 26th, 2023:

Shifting Our Check-In & Check-Out Times 2-Hours Back, and New Quiet Hours

Effective June 26th, 2023: We are changing both our Check-In & Check-Out Times

In addition to our new Check-In & Check-Out Times, we have also adjusted our Quiet Hours Times.

Our Quiet Hours have changed from 10 PM-8 AM to now 9 PM-8 AM.

We are shifting both times 2-Hours backwards to enforce an earlier initiation/start to the day's camping events.

This way, if problems arise with campers after they have settled on their campsite, the Camp Store can still be open for a decent enough period of time to assist Guests with their issues/problems.

Our Check-In Time has been changed from 3 PM to now 1 PM.

Our Check-Out Time has been changed from 12 PM to now 10 AM.

Both still have their 1-Hour grace periods where campers may arrive at 12 PM without any issues/notifications and depart at 11 AM without any issues/notifications.

Pre-Approved Early Arrivals & Late Departures will still exist along with their Half-Day Charges/Rates

Early Arrival is now 8 AM to 12 PM. (4 Extra Paid Hours)

Late Departure is now 11 AM to 9 PM. (10 Extra Paid Hours)

To adjust for these new times, our Half-Day Rates have been adjusted to signify their new values appropriately

The Early Arrival Half-Day Rate/Charge has been changed from $20 to $12.

The Late Departure Half-Day Rate/Charge has been changed from $20 to $30.

Both Early Arrival & Late Departure together has been changed from $40 to $42.

Questions & Answers For How Existing Reservations Are Affected

August 23rd, 2022:

Switching Our Reservation System from Campspot to Firefly

We are so excited to be sharing that we have changed our Reservation System!

Firefly Reservations is created by Aerocode Software LLC out of San Antonio, Texas; a company that also does an Inventory Management Software for Amish furniture stores.

We are so excited to be in partnership with Firefly, because of our own support of our local Amish neighbors as well. We think this re-orientation of our business towards companies we believe in too, is a great step forward for White Oak.

At White Oak, we really do value our Group & Seasonals Reservations. One of the downfalls of our previous System (Campspot), is that it was really not oriented towards Seasonal Reservations, nor did it make it easy for us at Management to make Group Reservations. With Firefly, this is the exact opposite. Firefly has so many Seasonal & Group Reservation features we are so excited to begin using at our Park.

What we were finding is, for many of our dedicated Customers, the response Campspot was relatively negative as well. There were many complaints about the non-special & lack of personal treatment that came from it. With Firefly, we plan to improve upon our Customer Communication skills, using their fabulous integrated text messaging features, to make sure we are always in constant communication with our Customers. Communication is key in camping! And Campspot did not deliver as much as wished in this category.

We believe all our Guests are going to love our new Reservation System, and there's so much more to talk about, but for now, we'll leave it as this! We hope to see you soon!

Confirmation Numbers have now become 'Look Up Codes'

Because we have moved to a new Reservation System, any Existing Reservation has been transferred over.

Our new System uses 'Lookup Codes' instead of 'Confirmation Numbers'.

Your old Campspot Reservation Confirmation Email is no longer good. You should have received a new Confirmation Email from us at the end of August 2022, containing your migrated Reservation details, which includes your brand new Lookup Code for your Reservation. 

If you still need it, please click here to be sent your Existing Reservation's Lookup Code, which is now different than what your Campspot Confirmation Number used to be.

New Method For Booking Group Reservations

Our new System has a fabulous method for Customers booking Group Reservations! You can read all about it by clicking here.

Additionally, we now offer Group Discounts! Depending on the size of your Group, you can receive a Discount on your Reservation which is a part of that Group of either 8%, 10%, or 15%!

However, we no longer give free site locks to people in a Group Reservation. All Guests in a Group Reservation will need to decide to pay to lock their site like everyone else, or not.

The 8%, 10%, or 15% Group Discount should easily be able to eat up any lock fees you decide to pay for, and sometimes even more. So we are not worried about the Customer reception to this.

In fact, opt not to pay the lock fee & save even more money than ever before!

Seasonal RV Site Rate Updates

We've updated our Seasonal Rates to be more in line with what we believe to be their real value is.

We have introduced a new metric at our campground called 'Site Quality Rating'.

Essentially, we were running into issues with accurately pricing our product, because for example, just because 2 sites are 30 Amp FHUs, yes they both offer the same amenities, but our campground is not a perfect cookie-cutter campground.

Each of our sites is uniquely different from the rest, & we wanted to begin to represent that in our business model better. Hence our newest addition: Site Quality Ratings.

There are 5 Site Quality Ratings, & you can read more about them here.

For new Seasonal Rates, the higher the Site Quality Rating the site receives, the higher the Rate will be. View our new Seasonal Rates here.

Until a site has been properly profiled & issued a Grade, the Grade will be: 'Not Graded'.

Existing Seasonal Guests: How You're Affected

Existing Seasonal Guests will need to re-supply their On-File Credi/Debit Card Information, due to System migration.

Credit/Debit Cards are encrypted securely into the System they're first put into.

Thus, they were not able to be migrated over. Visit our Guest Portal to update your Credit/Debit Card Information On-File for you as soon as you can.