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Seasonal RV Site Reservations

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We highly recommend reviewing all our Policies & Rules prior to booking.

About Our Seasonal RV Site Reservations

  1. As a reminder per our RV & Vehicle Policy:

    • All RVs which are not Motorhomes staying at our property MUST be towed in by the registered overnight Guest (whose Reservation is in their name); Meaning, in regards to both cases, the Guest MUST:

      • #1: Own their own Tow Vehicle (if they have a non-Motorhome RV), AND

      • #2: Know how to operate the said Tow Vehicle.

      • In other words: All RVs which are not Motorhomes staying at our property may NOT, under any circumstance; be towed in via a ‘commercialized’ third-party towing service. AND ipso facto, all RVs which are not Motorhomes MAY ONLY be Towed-In by a Tow Vehicle that is 100%(without any exceptions) owned-and-operated by the overnight Guest.

  2. To become a Seasonal at our Campground, you need to first have been (& thus currently are,) a Monthly at our Campground for at least 3-Months time. Then, you may apply to transform your Reservation into a Seasonal Reservation in the Camp Store.

    • Seasonal Reservations are NOT capable of being Booked Online or Over-The-Phone. They are strictly Monthy Reservations which have been 'grandfathered-in' through a manual process. If you want to be a Seasonal, you need to begin the journey to become one by first booking a Monthly Reservation Online or Over-The-Phone.

  3. After being Booked, all New Monthly/SZNL Reservations MUST complete their MNMSRPBSS via our Online Guest Portal from their own electronic device BEFORE trying to Check-In on their Arrival Date. For more information about the MNMSRPBSS, read our MNMSRPBSS Article.

  4. What's the difference between a Seasonal & a Monthly?

    • Seasonal Reservations at our campground classify as a type of Monthly Reservation with extra benefits. A Seasonal is not an upgraded version of a Monthly, nor is a Monthly an downgraded version of the Seasonal. They are just two different, but similar, things with pretty much identical billing (there’s really no cheaper option between the two).

      • A Seasonal is considered a Monthly. A Seasonal is a type of Monthly with extra benefits.

        • What are the extra benefits?

          • Well, the Seasonal Rate is just the Monthly Rate multiplied by 6, and the billing cycle goes for 12-Months. So, for what’s really your other ‘6-Months’ our of the year that not your In-Season Months we let you keep your RV on your campsite for free for storage purposes. Those other ‘6-Months’ are considered the Off-Season where your campsite will not have Water anyways (and you’re forbidden from occupying your site during this time), so it’s purely a free RV storage solution. The value of the Seasonal Rate in terms of its 12-Month billing cycle is considered 100% in the Months of May through October, and 0% value considered in the Months of November through April. Interestingly, we do let Seasonals starting occupying their RVs in April most of the time, so actually, you get about 1-Month to Half-A-Month of occupation for free each year (depending on the springtime weather)!

        • Just to make this note, a Monthly on the other hand, is not restricted by any time periods when occupying their RV. A Monthly may occupy their RV 12-Months out of the year, or really anytime they want.

  5. An AMMRFSMECSD is collected with every New Seasonal, typically it’s carried over from Monthly conversion.

  6. Seasonal Reservation billing cycles go for 1-Year at a time; where the Anniversary Date is the renewal Date every year where the next billing cycle will take place.

    • Anniversary Date = The date your Seasonal Reservation began. It's also the date where you’ll begin your next billing cycle.

  7. Seasonals may leave their RVs on their campsite full-time (12-Months out of the year) however; they may only occupy/inhabit them 6-Months out of the year. Monthlys may occupy their RV 12-Months out of the year.

  8. Seasonals may not under any circumstance occupy their RVs during the Off-Season.

    • The reason for this is: that although there will be active electricity & sewer on your site, the water will be fully switched off for all Seasonal sites in the Winter, making inhabitation nearly impossible.

      • If you were to empty your black water tank while the water was switched off in the Winter, the solid waste remnants could not fully be washed down our sewer pipes due to the lack of flowing water, potentially causing severe pipe clogging in underground pipes.

  9. Seasonals may only use & occupy their RVs during our In-Season (hence the term 'Seasonal').

  10. After a Monthly wants to transform into Seasonal, their Monthly Reservation will be transformed into a Seasonal Reservation. Depending on availability, they may be able to stay on the site they're currently on, or Management may give them a new site. Guests can also choose their own specific sites free of charge.

    • All Payments made by a Guest towards their old Monthly Reservation will be TRANSFERRED over to their new Seasonal Reservation, with their new Anniversary Date being set using their old Monthly Reservation’s Arrival Date.

      • The only exception to this rule being if the Monthly transfer to a Seasonal had occupied the Reservation as Monthly during designated Off-Season Dates, then, the Off-Season Dates would be billed the Monthly Rate separately, and all other In-Season Dates paid would carryover into the new Seasonal Rate, all the while being set as the Monthly’s original Arrival Date as outlined previously. Unless, the Monthly surpassed 1 year since the original Arrival Date, then the new & used ‘Arrival Date’ would reset to the concurrent year, & annual billing cycles would then take place from there onward, whilst applying the same rule exception for Off-Season Date separate billing as outlined above.

      • Because we TRANSFER all Payments over from a Monthly to Seasonal, you do not need to worry about wasting your money staying as a Monthly when you know you want to just be Seasonal ASAP.

        • If a Guest has any future Reservations booked with us, all Payments on those may also be TRANSFERRED over to their new Seasonal Reservation.

  11. Seasonal Pricing Breakdown:

    • #1: Seasonal Rate by either PIF or FMFLFP (Can be found on the Rates Page of our Website)


    • #4: (Optional) AOMRPFSDRSD

    • #3: Site Metered Electric Charges every Month

  12. How Are Seasonal Reservations Paid?

    • There are two options to choose from when paying your Seasonal Rate.

      • #1: Seasonals can elect to pay their Reservation Rate in full upfront (Pay-In-Full A.K.A. PIF for short).

      • #2: Four Month Front-Loaded Financing Plan (A.K.A. the FMFLFP for short):

        • Exclusively offer just to Seasonal Reservations, pay for your Seasonal Rate over the time-span of your Reservation’s first Four Months. All Seasonal Reservations have a 1-Year billing cycle. Your Anniversary Date Of Arrival will mark the starting point each year from where your First Four Months of your Reservation will be decided.

          • For example, if your Anniversary Date is July 1st, & your Seasonal Rate is $4,000, we will charge you $1,000 on July 1st, August 1st, September 1st, & finally October 1st. Then, you’ll be all set for the remainder of your 1-Year. The next year, your FMFLFP will restart back up for the next first Four Months of your new renewal.

        • Unpaid installments for those enrolled in the FMFLFP are subject to up-or-down rate changes. Comparatively, those who opt-in to PIF receive no back-rating; hence they have locked in their rate via full payment. Additionally, any already paid past-installments in a FMFLFP are not back-rated; hence they have already been paid in full. FMFLFP Installment Charges are only posted 2 weeks before the Charge’s due date.

  13. How Are Seasonal Reservations Renewed?

    • Seasonal Reservations are setup to be ‘ongoing’ indefinitely. What this means is, there is no action required by you (other than submitting your Payment for your campsite) to renew your Seasonal Reservation.

      • Depending on which payment option you chose back when you came on as a New Seasonal, you are in our system indefinitely on your site & we will bill you automatically for your Seasonal Rate each year.

      • The renewal charges for your Seasonal Rate are billed to you every 2 weeks before your Anniversary Date each year. It is at this point where you can see if your Seasonal Rate had changed (other than checking yourself on our website daily)

        • The Due Date for your renewal charges(s) is your Anniversary Date for PIF or your Anniversary Date of Arrival each Month for the FMFLFP.

          • Late Payment Fees will apply to Payments not made in time.

        • There is also the option to enroll in an Automatic Payment Processing Program For Seasonal Rates. If you are interested in this, please notify a Staff Member to be to be setup.

          • With all of this said, you will need to manually submit your Payment for your Seasonal Rate yourself every year if you are not enrolled in the Automatic Payment Processing Program For Seasonal Rates. Charge notifications are sent via email or SMS text messaging. Payments can be made using the Online Guest Portal, or inside the Camp Store during business hours.

  14. We reserve the right to evict anyone; without a Refund.

  15. These Reservations are NOT intended for permanent living. water will be turned off during the Winter. You should stay as a Monthly if you want to be doing Winter Camping.

  16. It is the responsibility of the Guest to keep their site(s) neat, clean, & free of debris.

    • Outdoor mats, carpets, chairs, bicycles, and other items must be removed and stored out of the way to make way for mowing and weeding. Items stored under the units must be placed far enough not to impede mowing or weeding at the unit’s perimeter.

    • Spring clean-up is expected to be completed annually by Easter. Areas around the bases of trees must be free of sod, mulch, leaves & stones to ensure the health of the trees.

  17. Guests must keep all firewood hidden from view with no more than ¼ cords per site.

  18. Privacy areas between sites must be kept in a natural state with absolutely no storage of any kind.

  19. A maximum number of 6 lawn ornaments are permitted.

  20. One storage unit is permitted per site.

    • This storage unit may not exceed the measurements of 5 feet length x 3 feet width x 4 feet height.

  21. Guests must notify Management & get approval before building or erecting anything on their site.

Ready To Begin? Click Here to go to the Monthly Page to Read About Booking as a Monthly first before transforming into a Seasonal after 3-Months.

The Site Number you book as a Monthly can be the same Site Number you stay on when you transform into a Seasonal.