Join A Site Waitlist

Join A Site Waitlist

We always advise Guests to check back often on our Online Reservation Portal to see if a possible cancellation or move has occurred which could allow for their desired booking.

Whether you're looking for a specific Seasonal site that you really like, or you need a specific site to be near the bathhouse, we have the ability to place Guests on a Waitlist for certain Site Numbers, then notify them via email & text message once the site has become available if/when a cancellation or move were to occur.

To Join A Site's Waitlist, follow the steps below:

Step 1.

Step 2.

Input your desired Arrival, Departure, Occupancy, RV Info, & Reservation Type. Click 'Search Availability' once you're ready.

Step 3.

Scroll Down & browse sites, once you see the site you want, it will tell you if it's occupied.

Step 4.

Fill-Out & submit your information.

Step 5.

You will receive an email & text message notification once your site has become bookable for your desired stay. You will still need to then take action again yourself & go & book it! The system will not automatically book you!