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Do you allow Dogs?


1 Pet is included in the Base Rate.

Extra Pets are charged.

We allow a maximum of 3 Pets. Please clean up after your Dog & keep them on a leash at all times when outside your RV.

Do not leave Dogs unattended.

We do not permit the Dog breeds of Pitbull, Rottweiler, Doberman, or any mixes thereof.

What are your Check-In & Check-Out times?

Check-In is at 3 PM.

Check-Out is at 12 PM.

Can we come in a little sooner or stay a little longer than Check-In or Check-Out times?


So long as no one is on the site before you or no one is coming in on the site right after you. You have a 'Grace Period' of 1-Hour for both, where no extra charges will incur. If you go over that 1-Hour 'Grace Period' we must charge a small fee.

Click here to Apply For Early Arrival or Late Departure.

Can we stop in and use your Sewer Dump Station for our RV even though we don't have a Reservation?

Yes. There is a charge though.

Can we come and use 'X' amenity without making a Reservation?


You must at least book a Tent Site. However, we do offer the usage of our Sewer Dump Station to the public at a fee.

Can we have more than one Tent/RV on our Site?


We permit only 1 Tent/RV per site. Additionally, an RV & a Tent cannot share the same site, both need their own Reservations.

Can we have a fire on our site?

Yes, just keep it under control and never let it unattended. Only one fire ring per site. We do not permit stacking them up.

What is the latest time I need to leave my site by if I do a Late Departure?

If you properly apply ahead of time & pay the $20 'Half-Day' Charge for the Late Departure; you can leave your site as late as 10 PM that day.

Do you sell ice?

Yes, in our Camp Store.

Do you sell firewood?

Yes, in our Camp Store.

Please don't bring your own firewood, it's bad for the ecosystem. Unless it's from the State of Pennsylvania, then it's ok.

Can we have visitors?

Yes. Please read our Vistors Policy Article for more information. They can pay per Car in the Camp Store or to a wandering Camp Host.

How many people can we have on our site?

Once quiet hours take effect (10 PM - 8 AM) then Standard Occupancy Policy applies, which can be read by clicking here.

Guests may freely socialize between sites beforehand.

Do you rent Golf Carts?


Can I bring my own Golf Cart?

Yes. However, you need to first email frontdesk@whiteoakcampground.com a copy of your driver's license & insurance card before you may begin using it.

Is there a Dog Park for walking dogs?

Kind of! Please us our Nature Trail as a spot to walk your pups. Just be careful & check for any ticks afterwards!

Do you have a dump station if we only take a site with electric & water?

Yes, and it will be free of charge for you to use.

Do you have Free Wi-Fi?


How do I access the Wi-Fi Network?

Join our network: "WhiteOakCampgroundWiFi" then wait for the pop-up screen or attempt to load a webpage to get the splash welcome screen. Then use the Access Code: "camper".

Do you have a Basketball Court?


Is there a Fire Ring & Picnic Table on every site?


Is there an auction next door?

Not any more. They moved to the Flower & Craft Warehouse in Blue Ball, PA.

Can we allow someone to come and stay in our camper if we are not there?

No, we do not allow subleasing.

Do you do RV Storage at your Park?


Can I leave my RV on one of your sites for 1-3 days while I'm gone doing something else?

Yes, but you'll need to pay the regular Rate for however long you're leaving it there for.

What is a 'Buddy Site'?

A 'Buddy Site' simply means 1 thing: You will likely face the campers on the site next to you when you put your awning out. It's best to come ready to make some friends or collaborate with your Group Members to book another one next to each other. However, if you do bring a long enough extension cord+piping for your hook-ups, you could easily flip your RV to face the other direction if you did not want to face the campers next to you.

'Buddy Site' does not mean you get to fit two RVs on that single site.

It also does not mean you get two sites, you need to book each of the two Buddy Sites separately!

What is the earliest time I can come in by when I do an Early Arrival?

If you properly apply ahead of time & pay the $20 'Half-Day' Charge for the Early Arrival; you can check into your site as early as 8 AM that day.

I want to stay for 29-Nights in a Month which has 31 Days in it, so it looks like you're forcing me to book Monthly, not Weekly. What do I do?

You need to book 2 separate Reservations in this scenario.

You'll need to make your first Reservation for the Daily & Weekly maximum of 27-Nights; then go ahead & make your second Reservation for your final 2-Nights on that same Site Number, making sure to connect the two Reservations together by Date Range.

This is all in your hands to do when booking online.

Two Important Notes On The MCCS:

#1: The Firefly Booking Fee for your second Reservation is NOT waived, you will need to pay BOTH booking fees when doing an MCCS.

#2: The second Reservation's Rate will NOT be adjusted/prorated to the Tri-Weekly Rate. It will REMAIN at the Daily Rate.

This scenario(and other similar scenarios) would also be required for anyone seeking to make a Reservation for 28, 29, or 30 Nights in a Month which is not long enough to be classified as Monthly.

This workaround is called the Monthly Classification Cusp Scenario (A.K.A the MCCS for short).

If you book as a Monthly/SZNL & you depart before your 1-Month threshold when you should have been booking using Daily & Weekly as an MCCS: WE WILL NOT REFUND YOU YOUR EARLY DEPARTURE SECURITY DEPOSIT NO MATTER HOW CLOSE YOU WERE TO THE 1-MONTH & WE WILL STILL CHARGE YOU FOR YOUR SITE METERED ELECTRIC.

Rules are rules, and this is entirely to prevent people from 'gaming the system'!

How many sites are on your campground?

We have a total combination of 197 sites on our Campground (RV+Tent).

Of that 197 total RV+Tent sites: 152 of them are strict RV Only sites, 33 of them can be used as either RV or Tent sites, & 12 of them are strict Tent Only sites.