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Do you love the RV Lifestyle?

Do you love spending your time helping others?

Do you love meeting new people?

Do you love to travel?

Are you technologically savvy?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, then we'd say you are our perfect candidate to come spend time Workamping with us at White Oak Campground!

Workamping is true an 'Americana' experience. Few places around the globe can say they have a similar institution... For some, Workamping is their Full-Time Job! They'll spend all their time living in their RV going Park-to-Park helping out with all the tasks required to run a campground.

Workamping for some others, they make it to be just their side-gig. They'll have other primary jobs they do, (mostly remote work out of their RV) but occasionally, they'll join in on the action at a campground to help out with the work!

Workamping has many definitions. At White Oak, we hope to accommodate all kinds of Workampers, and the working needs they desire.

Our Workamping Package offers you a Free 50 or 30 Amp FHU RV Site Monthly Stay Reservation. However, Metered Electric Charges are still charged Monthly & are paid by the Workamper. Additionally, your compensation will be lower than that of a Local Hire to adjust for your Free RV Site.

Furthermore, Workamping Package Deals are all subject to specifics depending on several factors laid out by Us & the Workamper(s) prior to employment.

Not every Workamper(s) receives the exact same Package Deal.

As a Workamper Applicant, RVs which are not in good exterior condition, or are overly old (~>12 years in age, but exceptions can be made) will not be accepted. If you're a Workamper & you submit your Application via Homebase, you will also need to send a separate Email to jobs@whiteoakcampground.com including your First & Last Name, and 3 exterior pictures of your RV + Tow Vehicle (if applicable, Motorhomes do not need a Tow Vehicle) attached to it.

How You'll Pay For Your RV Site Monthly Stay's Metered Electric

Official Workamping Free RV Site Monthly Stay Agreement

WO Workampers Only: Official Free RV Site Monthly Stay Agreement
White Oak Campground is an equal opportunity employer and hires qualified candidates for a variety of jobs. Thank you for your interest in working with us.