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Senior Maintenance

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White Oak Campground in Quarryville, PA is looking for new Senior Maintenance team members to join our helpful & friendly camp team!

We are located at 3156 White Oak Road Quarryville, PA 17566. Our ideal candidate is a self-starter, motivated, reliable, hard-working, and capable of teaching themselves on a computer (autodidactic learner).

This can be either a Workamping or a Local Position.

A Workamper is an employee who lives on the property in their RV. A Local hire would need to commute to the Campground with their own car, or another form of their own self-organized transportation.

For Workampers

RVs which are not in good exterior condition, or are overly old (~>12 years in age, but exceptions can be made) will not be accepted. If you're a Workamper & you submit your Application via Homebase, you will also need to send a separate email to jobs@whiteoakcampground.com including your First & Last Name & 3 exterior pictures of your RV + Tow Vehicle (if applicable, Motorhomes do not need a Tow Vehicle) attached to it.

Senior Maintenance Responsibilities

Senior Maintenance Qualifications

Senior Maintenance Special Notes

This position involves the general upkeep of the campsites, cleaning of restrooms/cabins when the main cleaning crew is unable to perform their regular duties, & lifting/moving heavy objects. There is also grass trimming & general groundsman tasks. This position is really a 'jack of all trades' for an experienced outdoor worker. You need to be able to operate a sit-mower, weed-wacker, & other power tools. You also need to be able to read electric meters & record them into a computer. So if you don't know how to use a computer, this Position would not be for you. You also will be required to carry around a company phone to answer incoming maintenance calls to the business. If you do not know how to operate a smartphone & talk to people politely on the phone or provide exceptional customer service, this position is not for you. You also need to know how to drive an RV. You need to be able to assist Guests pulling into the business who need extra help parking their RV. Backing into their campsite, etc...



Example of What A Workday Would Look Like

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Official Senior Maintenance Job Description

WO Official Maintenance Man Job Description

Official Senior Maintenance Complete Training Manual

WO Official Maintenance Man Complete Training Manual
White Oak Campground is an equal opportunity employer and hires qualified candidates for a variety of jobs. Thank you for your interest in working with us.