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How To Create Your Homebase Account

Your Homebase Account is vitally important while you are employed with us. You will use Homebase to Clock-In to your Shifts, (get paid!) as well as look at your schedule, so you know when you work.

You need to Apply first before you can Create your Homebase Account. To Apply for your desired Position first, please click here. Then, come back here afterward to learn how to Create Your Account.

How to Create Your Homebase Account after Applying for your desired Position:

Step 1.

Click here & visit the Homebase Login Page.

Step 2.

Click the Login with Phone option located below the purple 'Sign In' Button as shown in the picture below:

Step 3.

Enter your exact same Phone Number you provided on your submitted Application into the pop-up window that appeared (picture shown below), then click on 'Send Code'.

From here, you need to input the code sent to your Phone and then create your Homebase Password. Homebase is a third-party service we use to schedule & hire our employees. We do not have access to your Homebase Account or Password information.