Lodging Rates

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Base* = Prices subject to fluctuate based on availability.

Guests must bring their own towels & linens for all our Lodging Accommodations.

The maximum length of stay for Non-Monthly Lodging is 27 nights.

Daily/Weekly Lodging

Open April 1st - November 16th

Closed November 17th - March 31st

Monthly Lodging

Open Year-Round

premium camping cottage rental in pennsylvania

1 Queen-Sized Mattress, 1 Couch Pull-Out Mattress, a Kitchen, TV, Dining Room, & Bathroom with a Shower!

Premium Cottage

Daily Rate: 190

Holiday Rate: 195

Weekly Rate: 1140

Bi-Weekly Rate: 1900

In-Season Monthly Rate: 2546

Off-Season Monthly Rate: 795

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Tiny Cabin

Daily Rate: 165

Holiday Rate: 170

Weekly Rate: 990

Bi-Weekly Rate: 1650

tiny cabin rental lancaster county pa

1 Queen-Sized Mattress & 1 Double Twin Bunk-Bed. There's a Kitchen & Bathroom as well. And, you get your own Private Grill!

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perfect campground in lancaster hill country

Farm View Loft

All-Season Monthly Rate: 900