A Letter To Our Guests Regarding New Booking Procedures

Dear Valued Guest,

This is an important update regarding new procedures for booking Individual, Group, or Holiday reservations at White Oak Campground.

New Reservations are now taken up to 730 days (2 years in advance) on a rolling basis. Wherein, the Check-Out date of a certain reservation being made cannot surpass the 730 days (2 years in advanced) limit. For example, if you stayed with us Checking-In on October 1st, 2021, & Checking-Out on October 5th, 2021, & today is October 5th, 2021, your campsite will have been bookable for up to 2 years in advance (up to October 5th, 2023) by anyone ever since October 1st, 2021.

It is important now more than ever if you are someone who is deeply invested in your campsite each year to book early & book often.

As much as we regret to inform you, our system no longer has the capability to ‘hold’ your favorite Site Locations year-over-year if they have not already been booked by you. We no longer will be micromanaging the ‘rights’ of certain Site Locations to Guests over other Guests. This new ‘open booking method’ is the easiest method for our limited staff members each year to handle the large volume of reservation requests we receive.

Group Wagon Masters (Organizers) should now reach out as early as 730 days (2 years in advance) to place their holds on all their desired Site Locations whilst making the required downpayment on their (Wagon Master’s) Reservation Items in order to confirm the ‘holding’ of their entire Group Reservation’s Reservation Items as per our new Payment Policy in our Terms of Service, which can be read at www.whiteoakcampground.com/termsofservice.

As much as we appreciate both our regular Groups & Individual Guests, the need for us to simplify this process on our end was crucial in order to support a sustainable business model moving forward.

Just to re-clarify, we now support reservation requests on a ROLLING BASIS.

For our extremely dedicated repeat Guests who prefer to speak to a staff member, our newest recommendation is to call our Front Desk on the 730th day (2 years in advance) prior to your reservation’s desired Check-Out date if you intend to re-book for that specific date range on a specifically desired Site Location.

We appreciate your understanding, and look forward to seeing you in the future!

- White Oak Campground Administration